Updated note 1/1/2017: Have been on a new med that has done a number on me and I haven't had the desire to play in quite some time. Working on building it up again, so I will post as soon as I start writing again.

I regret to inform you that TheJonezter has passed and kcjonez has been born! Don't worry...no one has died! I've just gone through many changes and am restarting my path in music! So introducing: KCJonez!
thejonezter.com is no longer available.

Hey there! I'm K.C. Jones and have been playing guitar since I was between 10 and 12 years old (about 35+ years ago...eek!). My father played guitar in a band when he was a teenager and always kept a guitar under his bed. When they weren't home, I'd dig it out and mess around with it always having an interest to play! My parents had me play trumpet in the school band and my aunt was the chorus teacher at my school, so I was always around music.
I got my own guitar and amp when I was 12 and hit the ground running! It was my life!!! All I wanted to do was play guitar and pretty much had no friends all through high school...just went to school...went home and played!

I've been in several bands over the years, but mainly played for myself. Of course I had dreams of becoming a rock star, but they weren't really a priority and I just really enjoyed playing and recording. I've recorded hundreds of songs over the years (99% instrumental) and have pretty much lost most of them, but will post some on this website that I still have.

Had a serious injury and the abuse I was subjected to prevented me from playing for about the last 8 years. I just lost the desire! I met an amazing woman who has kept me creative by encouraging me to draw, read, play intricate games, etc. keeping my mind active. She has always tried to get me to start playing again and it has been tough.

Over the last few months, I've suddenly developed the desire to play...with a vengance!!! I picked up an Ibanez RG7420 and Tascam DP-24 along with all the little accessories and it's all I want to do again! My playing has returned better than before and I'm writing like a foolio!

My goal currently is to write an entire vocal album describing the events leading to, during and after the situation that has destroyed my musical desire...and it coming back. I thought it would be a good topic and sort of a musical memoir!

So thanks to everyone for their support and especially that special person in my life. She knows who she is. ;)


Kenneth (K.C.) Jones Musician

Pictures of my most awesome guitar!